Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Sinking feeling

(Two men in a boat. One is controlling the outboard motor, the other is pumping water from the hull for all he's worth. They are in a race and trying to get to the finishing line.)

Mr Brown: Keep pumping, Mr Darling. We are still afloat, still above the watermark, I tell you
Mr Darling: I do not know how long I can keep on pumping, Mr Brown.
Mr Brown: So long as you keep on pumping out more water than is coming in through the hull, then we'll reach tha' finishing line safe and sound.
Mr Darling: But Mr Brown, do the rules of the race allow a wrecked craft to win?
Mr Brown: I tell you, Mr Darling. All that the rules state is that we stay afloat and cross the finishing line. And nothing else.
Mr Darling: And when we cross that line, must I then keep on pumping? For if I don't keep pumping, then the craft will surely sink. And how will the judges award the craft the prize?
Mr Brown: I see, ya have a point, Mr Darling. Well, perhaps you could keep pumping until the prize has been given.
Mr Darling: Yes, Mr. Brown?
Mr. Brown: And after that you can let the vessel sink and we'll buy a new one and give it the same name as the vessel that won.
Mr Darling: But that will surely dilute tha' prize money, Mr Brown?
Mr. Brown: Aye, that it will. But it can nay be helped. Let's just win the race and worry about that when tha' time comes.


  1. So that's what quantitative easing is all about? Gee, I missed a trick

  2. "I have been proved right," Gordon Brown declared, speaking about Britain's longest-ever recession at his Downing Street news conference this week.

    Of course, it was not myself who got us into this mess, but I did get us out of it!

  3. Does Gordon ever accept responsibility for ANY of his mistakes?

  4. If that's the best Brown can achieve considering the billions of quantative easing and so called stimulus of a VAT reduction which has now returned to it's previous state the 1st quarter of 2010 now looks very very shakey.
    It's either a W shaped recession? ..or March Election?

  5. Out of a recession? Don't make me laugh

  6. Brown / Darling recovery is a total illusion. We will double dip back into recession when the Q4 inflated sales have disappeared. (After the election - or finishing line as you put it)

  7. I like it - no longer the ship of state but a leaky vessel in a desperate race to the finishing line

  8. Staying afloat by moving 0.1% into growth.
    Almost too close to call, isn't it?

  9. Yeah, so would the Tories have done? Not tried to revive the economy?

  10. Just want to make my last post clear: Would the Tories have done anything different before an election? They all perform the same old tricks

  11. Doesn't look good. If 0.01% is all that can be achieved in view of the Christmas retail and vat increase on the way then it is blatantly obvious that we will return to recession in the first quarter of 2010.
    Brown better go to the country soon

  12. Gordon's JazzRag26 January 2010 at 17:47

    How much better a position we would be in now if we had some reserve cash to have at least reduced the amount we have had to borrow ?

  13. Pimco which is where Ed Balls bro works has given a big neg to the UK economic situation

  14. Here's another image - Gordon and Alistair are trying to keep a blow up doll called the British economy inflated... despite it having a big rip in it