Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Guest Blogs...

For a few weeks we are going to hand this site over to guest bloggers who are at the centre of the events that we have covered recently. We have assembled people, mainly from the political and banking communities who, we think, can give a more personal take on the major events of 2009, during these last turbulent months before the general election.
The aim is to move beyond this site's generally 'sideways look' at the issues, its swipes against the modern 'betes noires', in order to glean some sense of life at the coalface. We will start tomorrow with an ex City employee who bailed out during the financial meltdown of 2008. He has a rather more objective view of the industry than his former colleagues still working in the square mile, who are now eyeing with glee their prospective year-end bonuses. He will also be giving his take on current affairs, sagas like bonuses and MPs expenses, as he takes a keen interest in politics. We will also follow the trials and tribulations of his daily existence in these difficult times, as he attempts to start up a new business whilst also pursuing an increasingly complex, 'alternative' lifestyle involving two women who derive from a rather different world than his: The 'political classes'.
His blog will kick off later this week.