Sunday, 28 February 2010

'Uncle Bernie' endorses quantitative-easing joke.

The much loved 'investment artist' has been discussing his 'savings plan that didn't deliver'.

"There wouldn't have been a problem if they'd only changed the law to make what I did legal. Lets face it, depositors with banks like RBS would have lost all their money too, if the government hadn't stepped in and bailed them out. And remember: the government did it with your money, folks!

"What a klutz I was. These politicians sure know a thing or two. Listen boys and girls, don't make the same mistakes as Uncle Bernie. If you want to part a fool and his cash, do it the traditional way. Seek public office.

"Government - it's a licence to print money."

Elsewhere in the news - One of the architects of Enron endorses the IMF! More later