Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Bullying: What they are saying

David Cameron - Did New Labour put an end to fagging? I don't know. You'll have to ask them. What I do know is that Brown looks the kind of fellow who could do with a damn good thrashing now and again.

Ed Balls - I can't remember the last time I threatened to kick the shit out of anybody. My wife takes care of that kind of thing nowadays.

Harriet Harman - Can I just make it very clear that there is a wealth of difference between bullying and the kind of pressure a working mum has to put on her partner in order to make the relationship work. I'm sure my husband Jack would agree.

Tony Benn - Well, of course m'father introduced me to a number of famous bullies: Lloyd George, Herbert Morrison, Mosley. And I worked with one or two m'self - Ernie Bevin and Jim Callaghan, to name but two. And y'know what? To a man they said to me "This is going to hurt me more than it will you." And they were right, y'know.

Ann Widdecombe - The Catholic Church should never have dispensed with torture. All it's led to is an orgy of sado-masochism and self-pity. Of course you'll get bullying if you're always telling people that they must 'turn the other cheek'.

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And here's the great bit: Since the package carries the government's Responsible Technology Warrant, users will automatically qualify for a range of citizenship privileges. These will include "priority user" access to essential local and central government services (see leaflet for details), exemption from a range of statutory government databases, plus a whole host of discounts on government-approved mobile technology and neighbourhood surveillance systems.

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(GordWeb is a public-private partnership, developed and administered by Govsurv UK Ltd, part of Govsurv Consortium Worldwide PLC.)