Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Hulk Smash!

Disney and Marvel fans throughout the UK and Europe are trying to evaluate plans of a 'tie-in' between the two companies and No.10 Downing Street that will help to promote government policy across Britain, and perhaps even throughout Europe. Fans are divided on what the deal actually means and whether the proposals will dilute and irrevocably alter the Disney / Marvel brand. There are fears that by bringing deeply flawed characters such as 'Iron Man' Gordon Brown into the fold, the Disney / Marvel image will be jeopardised.

The PM and the Disney CEO appeared jointly on prime-time TV last night to announce the deal: "We believe that adding Downing Street to the Disney / Marvel portfolio of brands offers significant opportunities for long term growth and value creation." Gordon Brown added: "Take a deep breath, all your favorite Downing Street characters remain unchanged. We will still have 'Iron Man' (your humble PM) saving the world with his massive bank bail-out package, Spiderman (Lord Mandelson) dressed in his lycra bodysuit, weaving his tangled webs, The Incredible Hulk (John Prescott) charging to the rescue of the Labour Government in 2010, and Goofy and Donald Duck (David Miliband and Jack Straw) claiming that they have never heard of 'this Mr. Megrahi' or the rehabilitated villain Colonel Gaddafi.

In a 'souvenir' edition Tweet' the wife of the Prime Minister, Sarah Brown (Marvel Girl) tried to wrap proceedings up: "With great power comes great responsibility (Mandelman). Gordon will not let you down in your hour of need." However a Whitehall official was later forced to deny that the proposed 'tie-in' with Disney / Marvel in reality meant just more of the same old Mickey Mouse Government.