Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Stand by... Stand by

The election will be called this week. And already politicians are tying themselves in knots . Earlier this month the Justice Secretary Jack Straw stated Labour would reform the upper chamber - a promise first made around 1997. Two weeks later the idea was shelved once again.

Now the parties are blowing hot and cold over the economy: First it's tax rises, then tax cuts. They'll tackle the budget deficit, then it's, not straight away.

None of this bodes well for the high point of the campaign - the publication of the manifestos. Will anyone believe a single word that's in them? Will voters find themselves choosing between one set of fragile promises and another?

Sometimes it's hard to be a party, giving all you've got to one campaign. But, with respect for politicians at an all time low, it's crucial they win back our trust. There can be no ambiguity, no hesitation. People will want an unequivocal "YES!" when they ask the question: Will you stand by your manifesto?"