Monday, 24 January 2011

Quick and easy guide to violation

Have you been hacked or are you hacked off? Do you have the impression you've been violated or your privacy has been invaded in some way, but you simply cannot tell for sure? Well, if so, here is a simple guide to finding out whether you have been violated or not.

You HAVE NOT been violated if:

- You're an ordinary member of the public
- You are part of a protest group, whether a domestic extremist or simply a tree-hugging hippie
- You have accidentally slept with an undercover police officer
- You have insufficient funds to sue anyone

You HAVE been violated if:

- You're a member of parliament, a minister, or a former prime minister
- A celebrity, wealthy member of the business community, or prominent publicist
- Have accidentally slept with a domestic extremist
- Have sufficient funds to sue whoever you want

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