Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Health Warning: Cloned politician entered food chain at least 20 years ago!

As the Food Standards Agency (FSA) claims beef from a cloned bull has entered the food-chain, an even greater threat may actually be facing people: The cloned politician.

Political commentators say large numbers of genetically identical politicians may have been allowed to roam freely within the "Westminster Village" for perhaps the past two decades or more. These claims come amid recent concerns that politicians are displaying alarmingly similar character traits from generation to generation, both before and after office. The commentators have cited the following examples:-

- ALL politicians claim before an election they will clean up the political process.

- ALL politicians claim they will make Westminster more accountable to ordinary voters, will diminish the power of the lobbyists, the interest groups, and the other small cliques of wealthy or powerful individuals who wish to bend the political process to their own pernicious ends

- Once in power, ALL politicians vacillate for a while before accepting they should take the easy option and line themselves up for cushy jobs after leaving office.

- ALL politicians leave office talking about how they had to make "tough decisions", when in actual fact they've found themselves considerably richer than before they took office.

This is evidence, were it needed, that for the past twenty years, perhaps longer, ALL politicians who wish to get ANYWHERE in this political farmyard we call "The Westminster Village", must live a life of, must be full of, and, most important of all, must be capable of regurgitating a diet of CLONED BULL!

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