Thursday, 8 July 2010

Baron Prescott Announcement - Pauline Conversion?

"Following on from my recent canonisation, I would like to make it totally definitive and without any clarification whatsoever needed that unlike most class warriors who are resigned to the acceptance of peerages and honours and suchlike in the twilight of their years,  my undertaking of the title of Baron Prescott will in no way preclude my ability nor inability (whichever may be the  greater) to hold the establishment - and chief amongst them the current so-called coalition government - to account.

"Just because I have decided to don the ermine which has always been the very insignia of the working class oppressors, it in  no way, shape or form suggests that I am about to surrender my fight with those who would undermine those values and those  beliefs that I have fought for all of my working life to overcome. No, absolutely not! There is no reason why a class warrior  in the twilight of his or her beliefs should not wear any uniform whatsoever of wheresoever it takes his fancy and thereby  find a relevant and appropriate methodology of pressing home his or her message or messages. The regalia which a man like myself adopts is in no way prohibitive to the execution of said duties thereof (with the exception I do readily admit of the  paraphernalia of the Stormtrooper or the Ku Klux Klan - which are in fact totally different matters altogether).

However, contrary to some reports, I would like to state, with no degree of uncertainty or doubt that certain rumours  circulating in the press right now that I am about to follow the path of Comrade Blair (or Tony as I still refer to him) and  adopt the learnings and the rituals of the Pontiff in Rome and the acceptance of the Latin Mass have no foundation nor  justification here on earth nor anywhere else at this present time. It would ill behove a man of my stature and standing to  come to such a decision whereof to turn to Rome, unless I had the specific and unconditional blessing and exhortation of my  darling wife Pauline, who currently has no intentions of turning to Rome either (I do believe).

I hope that this is an appropriate clarification of my current situation herein and thereof.

Yours, Baron Prescott. May the Lord be with you."

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