Sunday, 20 June 2010

Aimless Amis

Amis stalks the streets, walks tall again. Grown men sweat when they see him coming.  And boy does he come. Everywhere. That's what Marty kinda knows best: He just comes and comes and comes. Everywhere. Fucking everywhere.

Marty, he's a bully. But he's no funker - not like the other guys who bully. He's incredibly brave. He goes straight through the door and shows them all who's boss. When he fights, he's reckless. But he's also just. He hits the hitters. The big hitters. The really, really big fucking hitters.

But politics ain't where it's at these days, says Marty. Britain's become a global irrelevance. It's dominated by bad guys - "touchy vain power-hungry politicians obsessed by maintaining face." Even Cameron. Has. No. Impact.

And when these guys, these political guys have no impact, then Marty kinda cannot get a handle on politics.

Shame. Real shame. No one told Marty about meltdown - that's the financial meltdown to you and me, brothers and sisters. Looks like he also forgot BP and the Gulf of Mexico spill. That's a Brit issue. And did he care to ask: What happened to the previous guy? You know, the previous guy? The last occupant of No.10?

Maybe Marty doesn't really care.

Or doesn't know.

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