Sunday, 18 April 2010

Volcanic eruption! An apology.

The other day I suggested that Prime Minister Brown was angry about the ash cloud that has halted all flights. We are in the middle of an election and should be focused on who governs Britain, not on some volcano that we can do precious little about.

I would like to correct this: The ash cloud has given the Prime Minister a photo opportunity. Flanked by Lord Mandelson and Foreign Secretary Miliband, he can once again pretend that he is the saviour of our nation. He can appear invaluable; he can tell us that he won't abandon us in our hour of need. He will show us his mettle, he...

Hold on, hold on, Gordon. No one believes any of this. This is UTTERLY pathetic. Stop thinking that photo opportunities will save you. Do you have that low an opinion of the British people???


  1. Yes, I have a very low opinion, which is why I always wanted to be Prime Minister

  2. It is really touching.
    It won't work of course

  3. Such cynicism!
    Actually I know a thing or two about cynicism.
    Gordon! Press conference!

  4. PM (Peter, that is)18 April 2010 at 22:21

    You looked lovely