Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Gordon and the Chocolate Factory

Gordon strolled back to Downing Street with a Cadbury chocolate bar in his hand. Cadbury owned the nation's favorite chocolate factory and provided what Gordon always said that British companies should provide: British jobs for British workers.

As he tucked into his delicious chocolate he bumped into an Oompa-Loompa who was looking rather sad. "Why the glum face, my friend?" he asked.

"Mr Brown, you said that you would protect our jobs, but Willy Wonker says that there will definitely be lay-offs. You sold us down the river."

"Not true, said Gordon. "If Britain is to survive in the globalised economy then we will have to make tough decisions. And if that means losing one of our biggest confectionery manufacturers to a US rival in the interests of competition then so be it."

"You make the tough decisions, Mr. Brown, but its us who have to live with them. I thought that you cared about British jobs."

"Oh yes, there's one British job that I definitely care about, my friend, and that's my own. You see, Willy Wonker says that he'll be leaving the factory soon after the takeover, so there will be a position vacant on the board of the new organisation. And if I lose my own job at the next general election - God forbid - then that position could be mine. There you go, that is at least one British job that will be saved."

With that Gordon polished off his chocolate bar and ambled back to Downing Street. As he did so he sang to himself his favorite Cadbury jingle: "Everyone's a fruit and nutcase..." and wondered how he would be remembered in years to come.


  1. Mr Rowntree the Bend20 January 2010 at 17:07

    I always associate Gordon Brown with 'a finger of fudge...'

  2. Isn't Brown that Gorilla in the most recent ad campaign Cadbury ran?

  3. Hey guys, its a global conspiracy right?

  4. I don't mind who these guys take over as long as its not a decent choc manufacturer like Green and Black

  5. Chocolate causes tooth decay guys

  6. Look on the bright side guys.
    There is a bright side, right?

  7. Little Miss Buffett sat on a tuffet eating his funds away...

  8. Does anyone know whether Gordon has a glass elevator?