Thursday, 17 December 2009

Thought for the day

A spectre is haunting Europe... We're calling it a spectre because it is transparent, perhaps not terribly profound. This spectre will be, if you like, a way of moving on from the old discredited political hierarchies to a new, yet to be discredited 'Jerusalem', where you, the people, can sleep nights, secure in the knowledge that those old hierarchies will be given a makeover, a new name, a new direction for the coming decade. This spectre is certainly one with a modern, and I mean modern, agenda.

Now what shall we call it, this spectre? I don't know, let's call it 'Green Democratic Christians' for want of a better name (Although I doubt we'll come up with a better name.)

However, we can say this, if nothing else: If you, the tired, jaded people of this continent - who have lost faith in the political establishment, but who nevertheless still face a "global warming catastrophe that will make The Big Bang seem like a friggin' turkey shoot" (cf. G.Monbiot) - if you can come up with a better name, then by all means, be my, be our guests. Why don't you tell us what the future holds for this 'busted flush' that you cynical people all call politics? And if indeed you can tell us, then please... can we have them, these names, even any ideas you have... send them, on a postcard to us... if you'd be so kind. Really, we'd appreciate it.

And then, together, we'll make this spectre The People's Spectre!

That was a party political blog on behalf of the 'Green Democratic Christian' Party


  1. i have a better suggestion: cunts.

  2. That quote was never mine. The article was crap from beginning to end. We don't all spend our time getting on our high horses.
    Although you do

  3. Ignore them George, they're just winding you up

  4. We are the new Lilac Party! Yeah! You can believe it.
    We are as Green as you guys, but we believe that Lilac is the new Green. Lilac is the future.
    So when you see the word Lilac, please believe me, we are Green. And lilac

  5. The Lite-Green Party of Europe17 December 2009 at 20:56

    Hi there, we are hoping to bring something new to the table: Light Green Politics!
    With Lite-Green, we won't make you recycle. We'll ask you understand the sensitivities of those who do.
    If we can only understand, then perhaps one day we'll undertake!

  6. Charles Norman Archibald Saatchi17 December 2009 at 21:14

    That was undoubtedly the worst party political broadcast I have had the misfortune to see.

  7. The Hard Green Party17 December 2009 at 21:21

    We want to know why so much air time is given over to wishy washy liberal greens just becasue they have friends with the BBc?
    Isn't it about time that ordinary Greens, like those living on council estates, who pay for their taxes, had a word"?

  8. In astronomical terms, the 'Big Bangs' are of very little significance - at least relatively speaking.
    Were a global warming event to occur on this planet it would be equivalent to six thousand Hiroshima bombs and would extinguish all life on this planet except for ants

  9. Professor Dirk Hadron17 December 2009 at 21:44

    We estimate, and it is apparent from our models that the common dung beetle might also survive a global warming event, notwithstanding all of these theories being rubbish

  10. You stupid fuckers, you're all dead.
    No seriously, you are dead. You just don't realise it.