Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Government: tough decisions and mixed messages

Then did Gordon turn the hundred billion into one trillion and he went amongst the people telling them that the crisis was now over.

Then Gordon paid the moneylenders their thirty pieces of silver even though they had caused the crisis, secure in the knowledge that they would render unto him around ten pieces of silver in the form of taxation.

Or perhaps it would be less than ten pieces, if the moneylenders had properly sorted out their tax planning.

In fact some of these ruddy moneylenders actually walked on water and would therefore render unto Gordon absolutely zilch.

But it mattered not. For Gordon had saved the world.


  1. I know everything there is to know about rendering unto Caesar, let me remind you.

  2. All of the above is complete hogwash. The miracles never occurred in this way, and you know it.

  3. He's right you know. The Caesar's Wife referred to was a different Caesar - that of one Mr. Julius Caesar.
    So it's not just mixed metaphors we're talking here. It's anachronisms.
    Try saying that ten times after drinking ten bottles of wine.