Friday, 2 October 2009


Eastenders star Boris Johnson has shown how versatile he is by turning up at county hall dressed as the Mayor of London. The actor, commonly referred to as 'The Bullingdon Buffoon' arrived with the Mayor's trademark cat, claiming to searching for the 'Pantomime King Newt' otherwise known as 'Mr. Livingstone'.

It had been thought that Johnson, who has a reputation for bawdy, boisterous behaviour would not touch serious roles like politicians or officials. But years of being typecasts in soaps such as Eastenders has left him feeling that his career is going nowhere. Hence the deal with the BBC whereby he was allowed to play the part of Mayor, Dick Whittington.

It is alleged that Boris was also encouraged to take on this role by his fellow old Etonian thesp, Daffy Dave Cameron who is currently lining himself up for the part of 'Prime Minister' in the upcoming 'General Election'. As with Johnson, some have similarly doubted Cameron's suitability for such a serious role. But the incumbent, Gordon Brown has failed to dazzle during his term and it is thought that his contract will not be renewed next year.


  1. Why oh why do politicians do it. They just look foolish.
    Boris looked more than foolish, he looked utterly absurd.
    Oh, and wooden.

  2. Boris must be bored as Mayor. No wonder he wanted to play at being something else.
    He'd try for Cameron's job given half a chance.

  3. I thought that Boris looked very much at home in the Queen Vic.

  4. Politicians must think that it will make them popular showing up in these soaps. But all it shows is that they are not attending to the job people voted them in to do.

  5. Wonder if he got paid. Hope he declared it if he did

  6. Apparently the Tory high command is worried about what his antics at the Tory party conference will be.
    He always seems to put his foot in it