Monday, 26 October 2009

Dirty Weekend

The three of us decided to spend a dirty weekend in a seaside town long associated with dirty weekends. We had tried this once before but found ourselves in a bed that would have been a squeeze for two, let alone three. So this time we decided to go for somewhere big, corporate and faceless. This also meant that we would be able to come and go without raising eyebrows... at least we hoped.

We booked a 'business room' with kingsize bed in a three star - a venue for conferences and dull wedding parties. When we arrived the lobby was teaming with men sporting carnations and suited kids running wild. At least it looked anonymous. Even so, we decided to enter separately. Minxy and I entered first and checked in. As I filled in the forms, I blushed. A greying forty year old with a blond twenty something. Pretty obvious what was going on. It didn't help that Minxy put on an manifestly sullen look, making it appear that she was a reluctant secretary made to spend the weekend with her boss. The guys at reception appeared to be suppressing grins. Or, maybe I imagined it.

Aurora turned up, looking mildly sheepish and dumped her bag. She took one look at the bed and suggested we start there. We piled in, spending the next couple of hours clambering on and off one another. Eventually I became restless, because my mind had turned to something else, another pleasure. The other two wouldn't budge though and berated me for getting agitated. I was fixated on food though.

By ten we finally found somewhere to eat. We spent the next couple of hours picking wearily through our meal and rambling on about politics and popular culture and celebrity. I clearly managed to get their backs up as I banged on about how vacuous it all was. Very few women, even smart ones it appears, reject wholly the celebrity culture thing. These two, perhaps in line with their modern political value system, staunchly defended the connection that commonly exists nowadays between politics, public perceptions and celebrity culture, whilst I repeated how shallow society had become as a result. You would have thought that their awareness, at least, of alternative lifestyles would generate some cynicism towards these aspects of our society. But, no.
By guest blogger Wat Tyler


  1. Greying forty somethings with blond twenty somethings, they get this all the time.
    I guess you were talking about Brighton?

  2. And to think, they spoke up for popular culture. The thought of it!