Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Alternative Drift...

Panic... After another late night, the ladies are wandering around the flat naked... I receive a call from my estranged wife. She has to be in work early and is bringing the kids round. I’ll have to take them to school.
Few know about Minxy and certainly not about naked Minxy. And I don’t want anyone to see the state of the flat. So I chuck on some clothes and dash out to meet them halfway. The kids and I will take a stroll through the park before registration, I decide.
I feel ragged. I wish that these ‘pep’ pills had arrived. We sit in the park café, sipping hot drinks. I try to sound with-it, but my mind drifts. I’m thinking, that’s the thing about ‘alternative lifestyles’… there are always, always responsibilities.
A woman with a buggy is reading a free-sheet. The headline reminds all those, who don't already know, that this year’s city bonuses are going to be bigger than last year’s. Depressing. I’m burning through my cash pile, whilst my old colleagues back in Moorgate are rebuilding theirs.
I need to set a time limit on my alternative lifestyle and these alternative ventures. There’s too much madness, too much chaos right now. As the kids are stirring their chocolate drinks, I’m staring out of the window thinking, I’ll give it until December, maybe February… Spring?
By guest blogger, Wat Tyler

We will be returning to guest blogger, 'Wat Tyler' and his alternative drift in a few weeks, by which time he will have no doubt received his pep pills and maybe even sorted his life out. Tomorrow his former boss at FTP Bank, whose nom de plume is 'Burgoyne', will take the reins. He will be blogging about what he got up to after he left the square mile, and about his attempts, during his semi-retirement to get into politics and, God-willing, secure a safe Conservative seat before the next general election.


  1. These people don't seem to take life very seriously

  2. And how up to the minute are his views going to be with a profile like that?