Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Celebrity BBC Trust Challenge

Tonight, on the competition to find the next BBC Trust Chairman, we meet 'leftfield' contestant, Russell Brand, who explains why he's so right for the role:

"Yeah, well, like, I never actually tried DGs, Chairmen, Governors or nothing - what they actually like? PCP? Poppers? Crack? Meth? Can't be anything that manic, or else Crisp Patten wouldn't have done 'em, and got over them. But anyway, I tried everything else, and I managed to survive so I guess it's gotta be worth a try."

We also meet rank outsider, Jeremy Clarkson, who tells us: "To my mind the best way of choosing the next Chairman is the tried and tested (and trusted) method of the nursery rhyme: "Eeny meeny miney mo... No, actually, on the other hand..."

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