Thursday, 16 January 2014

Big Fat Gypsy Celebrities

Coming soon at Bohodotcom:

As we know, this thing we all call Reality TV can often find itself evolving into Celebrity Reality TV. For example, the cookery genre rustles up Celebrity Bake-Off and, as if that were not enough, The Great Sport Relief Bake Off (with even more celebrities). From the world of ballroom dancing we get Strictly Come Dancing. Big Brother migrates into Celebrity Big Brother. These days, celebs can even become Universally Challenged. And so it goes on...

But shouldn't celebs be getting equally involved in the exploitation wing of Reality TV? That's to say, the benefits scroungers, the fatties, the anorexics, the scumbags and losers that RTV so elegantly portrays?

Well, here it is: In the coming weeks you'll see, on this very website: Celebrity Supersize Vs Superskinny, Celebrity Undateables, Celebrity Benefits Street, Embarrassing Celebrity Bodies, Big Fat Gypsy Celebrities, 24 Hours in Celebrity A&E, Celebrity Weight Loss Ward, Botched Up Celebrity Bodies, Celebrity One Born Every Minute, World's Worst Celebrity Holiday Horrors... Eastenders, and, of course, Celebrity Sherlock!

And it'll be a riot. Plus, of course, it'll all be true, horrendous, verifiable and celebrated! We promise.

Just watch this space!


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