Sunday, 13 February 2011

BAFTAS! The Thing's Speech.

The thing about the BAFTAS... really is... the speech

"I would like to say or rather we would like to say how honoured I or rather we are to be here tonight honouring you honouring us honouring you honouring us honouring you dressed as we are in these beautiful Valentino dresses or are they Armani tuxedos? no-one will tell us because we're supposed to be some kind of amusing double act each of us possessing our own unique sartorial styles even though those styles come in the shape of very expensive designer outfits so not really so unique when you think about it and we're trying to engage in this witty but rather inane banter just as ordinary men and women or even men and men do any given day of the week down the pub and despite the fact we've actually hated one another since we starred together in that dire romcom movie over a decade ago and you lot in the audience also probably hated it even though the punters - what mugs! - always said how much they adored it and adored us too. So we would firstly like to thank all those people we're supposed to thank on these occasions although we can't remember who they are but somebody gave us a list earlier and we lost it and reckon it's supposed to include our mothers and the directors and some other people but not necessarily in that order and who cares about order anyway because order's for anal retentives. But most of all we'd like to thank the very people who made it possible to be here tonight which partly means you the audience and all of the members of the BAFTA organisation who should be here anyway because it's their frigging job, but most of all, most of all we'd like to thank ourselves, yes ourselves, without whom we'd never think of coming here because these awards ceremonies are a load of self-congratulatory b/s and they'd be nothing without us and this'd be a total waste of our time were it not for the free plug, the publicity or what have you. And so that's actually the only reason we're standing here tonight in front of you and in front of millions of star-struck people worldwide who are watching this on their sad little television screens as we spew out this complete, total and utter mind-rotting drivel. God bless."

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