Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Love me love my bonus

Hello, my name is Robert and I am the CEO of the Royal Bank of Short and Curlies (RBSC). I have come here today to explain to you how bonuses work - for those of you who don't already know!

What happens is that you deposit your hard earned cash in something known as a bank account. We take your money and then invest it - and keep on investing it - until it's all gone. We do this by creating innovative investment vehicles called credit derivatives, that make you think that we are investing your money wisely. But these vehicles are so scientifically advanced that they generate what scientists call "black holes". These black holes make your money disappear without a trace. Clever, eh?

What we do next is even smarter. We now appeal to your "taxpayer instincts" and tell you that if you ever want to see your money again, then you better bail us out. You, being the wise and generous fellows that you are comply with our demands, handing over good money after bad. We then invest this new bailout money by placing it in what we call "bonus pools" which allow us to pay ourselves large bonuses.

It is therefore sad, I have to say, to discover that some of you taxpayers are unhappy with this arrangement. We have to make it clear that if you hinder us from paying ourselves these large bonuses, we will move to Shanghai. Then you'll never ever see your money again. This is what's called being Shanghaied. And it only occurs because we have you by the proverbial short and curlies.

Look at it this way: Imagine you allowed your entire food supply, your medical supplies, your right to breathe oxygen, your right to have sex, controlled by one group of very well paid people. Now imagine those people went bankrupt and told you that if you didn't pay them lots of money, they would move to Shanghai and you  could whistle for your food, your medicine, your oxygen and your sex. What would you do? Damn right! You would hand over the moolah pretty pronto. Am I right or am I right?

Well, that's what happens when you allow your money supply to be controlled by a small group of very well paid people. If you don't keep paying that fine group of men and women large amounts of money - or bonuses - you can say bye bye to your money supply. (That rhymes - I must be a poet!)

So please, please, please stop complaining about these bonuses of ours. You know it won't get you anywhere. You have to pay up. You have no choice. Do you really want us to go elsewhere and inflict our lovely credit derivatives on the other nations and the other peoples of this world? No! Of course you don't. It would be sheer madness to want that.

So, in the words of our great hero, our guru, our spiritual leader, one Delboy Trotter - he of "Only Fools and Horses" fame - "You know it makes sense."

Or else, remember the words of my great poem...

 "You're gonna kiss bye bye
 To your money supply.
 Just say bye bye
To that money supply!"

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