Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Advertisement: PickiLeaks

Are you tired of "information in the public domain" that's quite frankly yesterday's news? Do you feel let down just knowing those darned leaks are, when all is said and done, available to everybody - your bank manager, grandmother, broker, your local shop-keeper? Do you feel pissed off when you realise what you're reading happened an eternity ago, when the people making the decisions already made those decisions and have now moved on?

Don't you owe it to yourself to grab information while it's hot, to know stuff while it's actually relevant - before it's relevant and before others have had the opportunity to gain from it? Ain't it time you thought: I don't want to remain in the dark anymore? Ain't it time you said to yourself: I'm having what they're having?

Well now you can do all of those things. It's called Pickileaks and it's the secret weapon of stock-pickers, political insiders, reckless gamblers, casino capitalists the world over.

With PickiLeaks you can:-

- Know how the politicians and diplomats think - in real time - as they think it. And why shouldn't you? After all, you pay their wages.

- Get the inside track on those multinational corporations you always wanted to invest in, but were too afraid to. Is it right only the "big swinging dicks" sing all the best tunes, get access to the best, the hottest, the latest market data? Why should they trade these corporations using "inside information", then get out when the market's tough, leaving small investors and taxpayers to carry the can?

- Gamble on who's going to stage major sporting events like the 2018 World Cup, before all those sleazy officials get on the phone to their families and tell them where to place their bets.

- Know what your associates, your work colleagues, your politicians, your local stasi think about you and your way of life, your affiliations, your Internet habits.

- Vote for your politicians on the basis of what they're really saying, not what they're hiding.

When it comes to up-to-the-minute information, you can do all these things with PickiLeaks. We provide real-time data on everything you want to know - everything you ever wanted to know. Be like the big guys, the hotshots, and know what's really going on in the world, who's taking the bribes and the backhanders, who's sleeping with whom. Find out what your votes, your taxes are actually going to support.

We at PickiLeaks, we call it the leak of the future. But that's just kinda our "inside" joke, ladies and gentlemen. What we at PickiLeaks are really saying is this: PickiLeaks is actually the leak of the present - at the time you really want to know it.

So take on board PickiLeaks. It's the leak of the present at a time when all you got are leaks of the past!

"PickiLeaks - The past, the present and the future... NOW!"

(This advertisement is sponsored by everyone)

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