Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Madness doth never prosper: what's the reason? Why if it prosper, none dare call it madness

The exams watchdog Ofqual has ordered examination boards to redraft certain GCSE papers because they are not rigorous enough.

Throughout New Labour’s time in office there were concerns that exams were becoming too easy. In particular, it is claimed that papers contained too many multiple choice questions that simply did not challenge the brightest pupils. We decided to see for ourselves what Labour did for pupils in England and Wales during its thirteen years in office.

Talent Show Paper

Who had to solve a problem like Maria? Was it:

A. Andrew Lloyd Webber?

B. Mary Portas?

C. Simon Cowell?

Football Paper

Which Football team do most Labour MPs like the most? Is it:

A. Everton?

B. Liverpool?

C. Dynamo Dresden (Trick question)?

Shopping Paper

Which is your favourite shop? Is it:

A. Top Shop?

B. Primark?

C. Waitrose (Yuk)?

Science Paper

What is the first sign of madness? Is it:

A. Talking to yourself?

B. Not talking to yourself?

C. Treason?

History Paper

Why doth treason never prosper? Is it:

A. Because you don’t know what the word means?

B. Because you cannot spell treason?

C. You what?

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