Wednesday, 5 May 2010

The narrative is dead. Long live the narrative.

Gordon: (Shaking his head) Where, Tony? Where did I go wrong?

Tony: Sorry to say it, Gordy old chum. It was your narrative.

Gordon: Narrative? We had the narrative all worked out. Sure start, schools, NHS. That was our narrative.

Tony: Your narrative?

Gordon: Our narrative, Tony. Our narrative.

Tony: Maybe they didn’t believe it. Your narrative

Gordon: But...

Tony: Banks.

Gordon: What?

Tony: Banks. People think, thought that your narrative is, was, you know... banks.

Gordon: But, they believed you when you came out with all the NHS stuff. And yet, look at you... Banks? JP Morgan?

Tony: Yep. So? They looked at me and they er, you know, decided that... (Smiles).

Gordon: (Shakes head again and says slowly, pensively) They... looked... at... you.

(Long pause)

Gordon: A hung parliament. A hung parliament. So what’s the narrative there? Where's the narrative?

Tony: Did you see the Conservative party political?

Gordon: Hung parliament broadcast?

Tony: Yep.

Gordon: Could hardly miss it.

Tony: Farce. That’s what they were saying.

Gordon: What?

Tony: Farce. They were saying that the narrative of a hung parliament is farce.

Gordon: What kind of a narrative is that?

Tony: (Smiles) Indeed. What kind of a narrative is that?

(To be continued)

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