Friday, 26 March 2010

Votes for turkeys!

Lord President of the Council, Lord Mandelson will block Jack Straw's plans for a wholly elected upper chamber. Parliamentary reformers cannot fathom why the Lord, who has a seat in the chamber, opposes a policy that most consider to be a vote-winner.

The Prime Minister's stance is also unclear. One fifth of his cabinet sit in the Lords - more peers than there are women. And it is accepted that his government would not have survived the last year without them. Like Brown though they have little to say on the matter, although most have been making unambiguous statements about turkeys and their acknowledged reluctance to vote for Christmas.

Jack Straw has had to qualify what he said earlier this month:-

A couple of weeks ago I said: "We promised reform fifteen years ago, and this time we mean it, as we do all our promises."

I would like to modify this: "We promised reform fifteen years ago, and this time we mean it, as we did fifteen years ago."


  1. I say what I mean and mean what I say, but sadly government is sometimes about making tough decisions.

  2. Brown's desire for reform is non-existent. He only acts for votes. Disgraced ministers such as Hewitt and Byers are still likely to get peerages if nothing changes

  3. If Byers,Hewitt and Hoon are elevated to the Lords simply out of convention then the New Labour promise to reform the Upper Chamber was a lie

  4. Peerages are so debased that no genuine honourable person would ever wish to sit in that sleazy chamber.

  5. Lord Twizzler of Turkey26 March 2010 at 18:01

    Why does everyone laugh at turkeys? What cun*s you are. And anyway who ever votes for their demise smart arse?

  6. They will never reform the second chamber if those with vested interests can block it.
    But Brown never wanted any reform. The old ways are too useful