Sunday, 14 March 2010

Equalities Minister Harman to call time on Woman's Hour.

Harriet Harman intends to call time on Radio Four's Woman's Hour. The Minister wants to widen the scope of her equalities agenda and broadcasting is seen as the logical next step. "There's no room for single sex broadcasting in a modern Britain. The BBC must axe this dinosaur."

Also on the watch list: BBC3,  Dave; celebs; lads mags / chicks mags; sexist tweets; excess newspaper coverage of leaders' wives (Brown, Cameron, Sarkozy etc).

The Minister also intends to appoint a Tsar for women - who will be known as a Lady Tsar Tsar.

A double-think tank will announce more pathetic initiatives in the coming weeks.


  1. Puh-lease spare me this sexist twaddle. Haven't women been fighting long enough to be allowed to watch programmes like Big Brother.

  2. Thats right, go girl. Germainy is my hero and taught me how to librate myself.
    I even tried burning my bra but then I had to buy a new one, cos my tits started sagging.

  3. Julie Birch-all14 March 2010 at 10:39

    Call yourself feminists? If you were real feminists you would stop going on about feminism all the time and do drugs, booze and cigs... and swear at men.

  4. I am a fiminst like Jordan cos I have self-actualated myself. Thats better than reading dusty books all day like some fiminists

  5. The obsession with shoes designed by men (Blahnik, Choo) does not free, rather it enslaves women.
    Designers are gay and wish to control the female form through clothing.

  6. Jaw-Main Career14 March 2010 at 17:14

    Puh-Lease. Cant a woman like myself not look dowdy or wear Jimmy Choos as she pleases?
    I for one have to keep up with the blond lipschtick lezzers who appear on Newsnight review. That ain't easy at the age of thirty nine, I can tell you.