Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Coming soon: Equality - Is it all balls?

In the big debate, we'll be asking:

- Is Harriet equal to Gordon? And if so, has she told him yet?

- Why does the government think religion and equality don't mix? Could God have had something to do with it?

- Who would have been worse off in olden times? A rich bitch with no right to vote? Or a penniless git with it?

- Is anyone equal to investment bankers? Or are they more powerful than the Harriet Harman and can tell her where to go?

- Are all women equal? Or do Jimmy Choos make some more equal than others?

- Is Victoria Beckham what Germaine Greer had in mind?

- Organised crime? Should there be more women running these kind of outfits?

- Eton. Is it just 'toffs' who go there? Or have they let 'new money' in?

- Money? Apart from buying the best start in life, does it really make a difference?

- Or rather... money. If I've got it, do I give a f*** about equality?


  1. Old Mother Hubbard9 March 2010 at 16:13

    Oh, I always had a soft spot for Germaine Greer. Voted for her every time. Right to buy your council house was what got me started in life. Best thing she did

  2. Peaches Beckham9 March 2010 at 16:14

    I am a feminist because I showed that women can be as good as men at getting rich for doing fuck all.

  3. I'm a feminist cos I showed that women dont need not to be proud of flaunting their talent, like and can write books even when their boobs get in the way of the typewriter, which I never used anyway.

  4. I don't give a fuck about any of the above

  5. Hard to imagine equality in a country where wealth buys your kids Eton etc
    Silver spoons are always going to be with us