Saturday, 9 January 2010

Saturday news in brief

Think positive

The Chancellor Alistair Darling has been extolling the power of positive thinking. He claimed that even though the UK is facing "the toughest cuts for twenty years", investment banks are preparing to pay out 40 BN in bonuses this year. "The last time we saw bonuses like that," he went on, "the economy was fine and dandy." He left the news conference singing, "Happy days are here again..."

Power of positive bullshit

BBC director general Mark Thompson has been urging people to think positive about the absurdly high salaries paid to senior BBC staff and geniuses such as Jonathan Ross. He said in an interview with Ariel magazine, "We are not a county council. We need the best. If Jonathan Ross or I were in charge of your council, road gritting is the last thing you'd be worrying about right now."


  1. Can I just add that happy days are indeed here again? And I would also urge people to think positive. I am sicked and tired of all the nay sayers who do this great country of ours down.

  2. Can I add that I would also love to don that lovely cloak of patriotism that Gordon hides behind on occasions such as this.

  3. I too hate the traitors and nay-sayers who say bad things about my beloved Zimbabwe.
    I love my country and can only say positive things about it.

  4. I so flipping love my country that it hurts.
    How dare the vile scum say bad things about this marvellous country of ours.