Saturday, 2 January 2010

Correction: There is in reality a second prediction for 2010

- More poor people to bang on about climate change

The governments of the leading nations have finally come to their senses and accepted what a lot of people have been suggesting for a long time - More poor people need to be seen talking about climate change.

What is the point of a load of rich, privileged celebrities, Presidents, journalists, Prime Ministers and pop stars preaching to the poor about making sacrifices, when the only sacrifices that they themselves intend to make will be taking twenty international flights a year rather than the usual thirty?

No. It is time to act. Adverts showing poor Brits suffering from the effects of global warming are needed now if we are to get the message across. And coming to a screen near you very soon will be scenes of working class Christmases set in deprived council estates, or even deprived suburbs, where the X-Boxes don't work because there is no power, where people cannot watch endless dance competitions because the dance-halls are flooded, and where the only entertainment is witnessing a local stabbing whilst high on crack and cheap Vodka.

Watch this space.

You won't.


  1. This is too disgusting for words.
    Which is lucky, because I am speechless.

  2. Did they really try to shut you down?

  3. Yeah, but like its really important that we wake up to climate change.
    For me its just really important like, just to wake up.

  4. Yeah, but like I did make a huge sacrifice, because I had to fly half way across the world to attend the Hollywood Climate Change Ball and I only got to fly business class

  5. Apparently some famous person has said that he is going to abandon Twitter, but only temporarily. And can you believe it? It is being reported on news sites!!!
    Now if you could publicise climate change that efficiently it wouldn't exist!!!!

  6. Citizens, let us go forward and together, with our hoped laden use of Twitter, we shall abolish climate change, so that it shall never again darken the slowly revolving door of peace loving Americans and Americants.

  7. I could produce a reality TV competition show that holds auditions for the perfect poor person chosen to advertise climate change.
    Andy Loyd Webfoot says he is willing to join me.
    "How do we solve a problem like Gaia?"