Monday, 7 December 2009

Menacing emails

We sadly have to announce the departure of site moderator, Alvin Siftey. The rather unpleasant emails - as well as the vicious comments made on this website - all of which were targeted at his predecessor Steve were found to have come from Alvin's work-station. We will be continuing with the 'people's blog' as soon as we have found a replacement for Alvin, which we hope will be very soon.
In the meantime we are fortunate enough to be able to announce that tomorrow we will be featuring a post from the Government's new Art Tsar, Lord Cheese, who will be filling us in on some of his ideas about extending the scope and the reach of BritArt. We look forward to it.


  1. You shouldn't be bothering with pissy subjects like that. Get back to politics and issues that really count. Has anyone heard of Copenhagen round here?

  2. Alvin, I am surprised you have the nerve to appear here after what you have done.
    Have you no shame?

  3. So by sacking me, what happens to your people's blog???
    You're going to feature some establishment twat talking about conceptual art!
    Result guys!

  4. Has this become an infighting blog?

  5. No more email exchanges between Alvin and Steve will be published on this site, for reasons that are obvious, I hope