Sunday, 13 December 2009

Devil in the DJ

As we all know, the Devil is still as busy as ever playing all the best tunes. So, for our year-end inane, pathetic 10 best ever list, we decided to ask people who they thought had danced most expertly over the past decade to the veteran DJ's tunes. As always, these lists can never truly be exhaustive, but at least they are democratic and therefore reflect your views (ho ho, yawn yawn). And so, here they are:

1. Politicians
2. Bankers

For legal reasons we have been informed that we cannot go any further...


  1. I am a judge and I object

  2. I object. You're a judge, and only barristers can object

  3. I object. I am a libel lawyer and I injunct

  4. I'm a gangster and only civilised crooks bother with libel lawyers

  5. Blessed are the libel lawyers for they shall inherit the earth (after the other people who want to ban free speech have gone).
    I just hope they never get an injunction against me in order to silence my tunes.