Sunday, 29 November 2009

Pull the other cracker

Another concerned believer, who also wisely pre-screens the content of his Christmas crackers, sadly found this joke and sent it in:

Q: What would Jesus have said had he known of the wars that would be fought in his name?
A: Which bit of 'turn the other cheek' don’t they get?

Come on guys. I like a spot of blaspheming as much as the next man, but let's remember that this is the season of goodwill!


  1. Oi vai, so that counts for blasphemy nowadays?

  2. Williams, Rowan (Archbishop)29 November 2009 at 20:20

    Of course, no one particular strand of the Christian religion would pretend to be any better at 'turning the other cheek' than any other, but some might suggest that the Anglican church might have been somewhat more lenient on non-believers than inquisitors like Sir Thomas More who of course had a tendency to pull people's toes off - which of course some might say he had a perfect right to do.

  3. Saint Thomas, SAINT Thomas knew that people respected ritual practices such as pulling off toes.