Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Missed a postman..?

Oh yes, wait a minute, Mr Postman... Wait Mr Postman....

Please Mr Postman look and see... If there's a letter in your bag for me

( Please, Please, Mr Postman )

Why's it takin' such a long time... For me to hear from that boy of mine

There must be... Some word today... From my boyfriend... So far away

OFFICIAL CHORUS: The postmen are not working today because they consider it an imposition to work the eight hour day that their contracts expects them to work.
So screw your boyfriends, girlfriends etc... We work to rule and rule to work...


  1. I has spent all my life working for the people... well the workers at least... well workers like myself at least...

  2. Privatize this company, please.

  3. What the postal workers are engaged in is what they call 'Spanish Practices'. If they are told that they have certain tasks to perform in an eight hour period and they perform those tasks in seven hours, they think that they can claim 'overtime' for the hour in which they are expected to continue working.
    That is their idea of overtime.
    Dealing with these people is long overdue.
    They are holding people's personal lives to ransom.
    Bring on privatisation.

  4. Everyone, but everyone hates these useless people

  5. It is probably the spooks and the weirdos and the other scum who have infiltrated this useless, yet essential service who are causing the problems

  6. Leave these poor postie people alone. They have such a hard job to do, what with hiding, disposing of and steaming open other people's post.

  7. I have been a postman all my life and I am utter shit, I admit it

  8. That last guy was clearly not a postman. He probably just pretended to be one because he hates the fact that his valium or ritalin has not turned up in the post.
    We all rely on the post and when it doesn't work we need someone to blame.
    You lot should worry a bit more about your dependence upon your public services.
    Not so nice when they don't work... for whatever reason

  9. Well I'm a junkie, and that's the last time I do it by post.
    Could say that it is the 'last post'... eh?

  10. They keep the lewdest postcards to themselves

  11. I've always wanted to join a union, I have

  12. Some people are non clubbable. And some of us are not unionable

  13. Postmen are scum.

  14. The people who take our tax money and provide a fifth rate service like the Royal Mail are, in fact, scum.

  15. The lesson here is, don't rely on people who say that they will deliver.
    Always go out and get it for yourself.
    F*** the post

  16. How do they still get to use the word 'Royal' when they are so crap.

  17. It's fascinating, the Royal Mail will kill off internet retail business if this kind of things carries on.
    Everyone will have to take to their cars once again and maybe the high street will undergo a new surge of activity...
    Unless of course other delivery services fill the vacuum that the 'Royal Mail' is creating.
    Amazon of course delivers cheaply and does not use the 'Spoil Mail'.

  18. The Royal mail is a dinosaur with dinosaur practices.
    It is rotten to the core - from management through to workers.
    F*** the lot of them.

  19. A curse on both your houses, didn't you mean?