Monday, 24 August 2009

Sun Editor

'Fleet Street' is in febrile mood right now as the race to become the new editor of the Sun newspaper hots up. The front runner, Dominic Lawson has a distinguished record in producing exclusives ever since his famous, "Amy Whitehouse likes a drink." and "Kate Moss's boyfriend buys a yellow pencil."

But he is reckoned neverthless to be up against stiff competition from a number of other current editors who covet the job they call, 'the most powerful post in tabloid journalism.'

So who are the other contenders and what kind of editorial credentials do they have?

One possible is Wally Wallace, who has an outstanding record at setting up the Mirror's Football website, "Dribble", considered perfect training for a prospective tabloid editor. Also in the running is Jesse James, who knows nothing about Fleet Street and has never worked in it, clearly an advantage to anyone wanting to work for the Sun. He and Murdoch are allegedly graduates of the same kindergarten. Finally there is the distinguished journo Hatfield House, who earned much admiration for his outstanding freesheet the London Bogpaper, which has been avidly read by millions of Londoners and which was famous for the exclusive: "Lord Mandelson ate my Hamster."

A leading Australian, Rupert Everidge said today: "I daint care'oo-it is. S'long as he can sweer a lot."

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